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Step away from devices and unplug while learning new skills and creating beautiful things to keep, give as gifts, or even sell as a side hustle. Each issue of PuddleDuck Post features tutorials for handmade projects like embroidery, crochet ideas, knitting patterns, sewing, watercolor painting, and even cursive penmanship. Enjoy illustrated homemade baking recipes and insightful essays about living a traditional life. Whether you’re trying to find a new hobby, love to make DIY crafts, are a teacher or homeschooling parent looking for art lessons and craft ideas, or just want the ultimate cookie recipe, PuddleDuck Post will inspire you to create things by hand. It’s a little bit of love delivered to your mailbox.

PuddleDuck: someone who dabbles in many things
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Unplug & Create!

Tired of meaningless scrolling and endless social media overload? PuddleDuck Post, written, edited, illustrated & designed by Erica McPhee, is published seasonally four times a year. Each issue is filled with a variety of DIY projects like embroidery patterns, crochet & knitting, painting techniques, and more. Enjoy tried-and-true favorite, illustrated recipes meant to be kept.  Order now to start crafting creative homemade projects by hand!

Volume 1 | Issue 1 | Summer 2024

Brown Sugar Banana Pancakes
Black Crochet Crossbody Phone Bag Tutorial
embroidery keychain project with purple embroidery floss
How to Write in Cursive lesson
cover of PuddleDuck Post newsletter

Our debut issue, Summer 2024, features these fun projects:

• Crochet a Crossbody Phone Bag

• Embroider a Floral Keychain

• Learn Cursive Penmanship

• Watercolor Bookmarks & Grateful Tag

• Happy Morning Blueberry Muffins

• Brown Sugar Banana Pancakes


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