Every issue of PuddleDuck Post includes projects and recipes for you to create. Click on the category below to see tutorial videos, worksheets, and more. Please note that the patterns & tutorials for each project are only available in the printed newsletter.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful

white embroidered fishbone leaves on blue background
Embroidery Stitches

Quick & Easy How To Embroidery Video Tutorials

Crochet Stitches title
Crochet Stitch Gallery

Quick & Easy How to Crochet Video Tutorials

Volume 1, Issue 1 | Summer 2024

Black Crochet Crossbody Phone Bag Tutorial
Crochet Crossbody Phone Bag

Helpful crochet tutorial images & videos

embroidery keychain project with purple embroidery floss
Embroidery Keychain

Quick & easy embroidery stitch tutorial videos

How to Write in Cursive lesson
Erica’s Classic Cursive

Downloadable Worksheets
(password in Vol 1, Issue 1, on page 5)

Looking to Create Something Else?

I love to create and if you are here, you probably do, too. Each issue of PuddleDuck Post features a variety of art and craft projects such as embroidery, crochet, knitting, watercolor, acrylic painting, clay play, sewing, and more. Is there something you’ve always wanted to make but don’t know how? Looking for that perfect cupcake recipe, but don’t have it? Maybe, I do! Drop me a message below and let me know your idea and I will see if I can help. It may even become a project for a future issue!

hand embroidered keychain with purple colors on cream felt using french knots

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